Nuestra política de cookies
The website, like most websites, can store or retrieve information in your browser, mainly in the form of "cookies". This information, which can be about you, your preferences or your Internet device (computer, tablet or mobile), is mainly used to make the site work as expected and we can offer you a more personalized web experience and remember your previous choices.
Below you will find information about the different uses we make of cookies. If you wish, you can disable the installation of some or all of the cookies; However, doing this can have consequences on your enjoyment of the site and the services we can offer you.
Strictly needed cookies
These cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. They allow you to browse the site, search for flights and other services, and make reservations.
Without these cookies, we could not provide the services you are looking for on our website.
Performance Cookies
These cookies allow us to understand how users use our site, to analyze and improve the operation of the site. For example, they help us to know which pages are the most and least popular. They count elements such as number of visitors, how much time users spend on the site and the sources of access. This allows us to know what we do well and what we need to improve, as well as ensure that pages load quickly and display correctly.
All information collected by these cookies is anonymous and is not tied to personal information about you. We use services from Google, Adobe and Marin Software to perform these functions.
These cookies allow us to provide enhanced functionality as well as personalized information and features. For example, you can watch YouTube videos, provide information about some destinations and also allow you to share content through social networks.
Most of these services are provided by third parties (other companies). If you have an account or use the services of these third parties on other websites, they may know that you have visited our sites. The use of data collected through cookies by third parties is subject to their own privacy policies; Therefore, we identify those cookies by the third parties that install them.
Advertising or tracking cookies
These cookies are used to show ads that may be relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an ad and to help measure the effectiveness of the ad campaign.
They are installed by our affiliated companies of the advertising network and help to finance our investment in the websites, so that we can keep our prices as low as possible. They can also be used to show you relevant ads on other websites you visit.
The cookies that they install can change from moment to moment, so instead of making a list, we identify the own companies.
Disable cookies
If you do not agree with our use of cookies, you may take actions to disable your installation, in addition to changing your browser settings to block certain types of cookies.
For detailed information on how to do this, see the help information for your browser, or to see a summary of the most common browsers, visit: o
Advertising companies also allow you to choose not to receive personalized advertising, if you prefer. This option does not disable the installation of cookies, but does not allow these companies to use and collect some data. For more information on this topic and the deactivation options, go to: